Patient Advocacy

Our patient advocacy network is designed to simplify healthcare for your family and business. Our expert advocates and nurses are available to help guide you back to health.

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The Patient Always Comes First

Who to call • When to call • Where to call

At Patient PAL, we are your tour guides, teachers, advocates and champions through the maze of the healthcare system. And that's not just a metaphor, it's what we do. When you start your healthcare journey, speak to a qualified Patient Advocate over the phone that holds your hand through the entire process. Our expert research and knowledge is built on decades of healthcare industry experience to make sure you are getting the right care, from the right people at the right price. Getting you quickly and efficiently from sickness to health.

From issues like In or Out-of-Network care to understanding your bill, we are with you every step of the way to ensure you're informed and making the right choices for your family members and employees.

Patient PAL Members

We work with patients, benefits managers, providers and business owners to meet your unique needs. Members of Patient PAL simply need to reach out to us when they have an issue and we take it from there, taking the stress and uncertainty out of your human resources department.

Not only do we help encourage healthier, happier patients, we save you money. Healthcare costs continue to soar, and employers are feeling the impact on their bottom line. Organizations that successfully implement Patient PAL’s integrated benefit program outperform the market in terms of medical costs per individual.

the usual healthcare experience at work. the patient pal experience

Individual Plans now available

Discover the power of patient advocacy. We're standing by your side and provide the guidance and support you need. You can sign up and get started in just a few minutes.

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the usual healthcare experience at work.the Patient PAL experience

How We Help

Patient PAL Phone Support

Phone Support

The right answer is just a phone call away. Our expert-trained patient advocates are standing by to help you directly. No more forms, no more waiting for an email back. Just give us a call and we'll get you the information you need right away with compassion and understanding for every patient.

Shine a light on the details of your health jouney

Illuminating Everything

Healthcare is about as confusing as it gets with more fine type than any other industry. We go deep into the details for you, bringing illumination and focus to the factors that matter most in your individual case.

Health Planning for your unique journey

Expert Play Calling

We will help you build the right game plan for whatever you're going through, taking every angle into consideration. A medical concern could have claims/billing components, wellness, or stress-related impacts as well and we'll give you the right plan of action to help alleviate every factor based on decades of experience.

Cut your healthcare costs instantly.

Cost Positive

Patient PAL saves more than it costs. By partnering with us, you not only save more per individual, but on your total Healthcare costs. We help you put the focus back on what really matters, growing your company! Leave the Healthcare complexities to us and your bottom-line will look a whole lot healthier.

Schedule a call to find out how we can simplify your healthcare experience today.

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