The Patient Always Comes First.

Patient PAL is focused on providing our clients and their family members expedited access to health care services. We assist with many health care issues that may arise unexpectedly, in or out-of-network, working towards the best possible outcome. Here are just a few examples of how we can help.

When to call

• Your employee has been diagnosed with a catastrophic illness and needs to get to a specialist immediately.

• Your employee’s family member requires around the clock supervision and needs admission to an assisted living facility.

• Your employee reaches out for a second opinion for a rare and complex medical condition and requires access to the top national medical providers and centers of excellence.

• Your employee has an accident while vacationing out of the country and needs to be airlifted to a trauma center without delay.

Ways we can help

• Arrange for second opinions.

• Ensure transfer of necessary medical documentation and test results including x-ray films to a consulting physician’s appointment.

• Assist in coordinating diagnostic testing as indicated.

• Arrange for emergency or critical care transportation to admitting tertiary care facilities.

When you need us call 417-348-0777

Member Benefits

By partnering with us you not only save more per individual, you're going to save your Benefits Administrators so much time and energy. Put the focus back on what matters and that's growing your company. Leave the healthcare stuff to us and your bottom line will look a whole lot healthier.

How we help your HR Department

the usual healthcare experience at work. the patient pal experience

Single Point of Contact

• Enhanced Health Plan
• New Found Company Revenue
• No Net Cost
• All calls triaged through Patient PAL advocates:
- Referrals to PCP
- Referrals to Urgent Care Facilities
- Elimination of unnecessary ER visits

Program Perks

• Customer Service department of health plan partner
• EAP program information and assistance
• Access to healthcare professionals
• Toll free access line at 417-348-0777
• Assisting in securing second opinions
• Appointment scheduling with hard to access Physicians
• Access to “Center of Excellence”
• Assist client throughout the appeals process

Claims Negotiation

Over $56 million savedfor our self-funded clients

Over $145 million paid promptlyto their healthcare providers.

Medical bills for the same procedures can vary by thousands from one provider to the next. Sometimes, the same provider will bill vastly different prices for In-Network vs. Out-of-Network claims for the same services. In addition, many medical bills include mistakes, incorrect diagnosis codes, or other errors that artificially inflate the amount due goingunnoticed costing and you more than it should.

We touch every claim putting a skilled negotiator behind our offering directly with the provider. No computer prompting, re-pricing or balancing billing your health plan. Our internal health claims data provides the critical information for our negotiators to achieve additional savings on every claim. IN or Out-of-Network, we get it done. Our team of specialized negotiators goes to work on every claim that comes through your healthcare plan, bringing together our internal data, analytics, provider relationships and decades of experience to work for you in identifying the greatest opportunities for cost savings on every medical bill.


Data Gathering

Before every negotiation we do a deep dive into the historical billing numbers of every medical circumstance and provider practice. With that information readily available, no one is better prepared to fight for your healthcare costs as soon as we receive the claim.

Claims Negotiation

We work directly with the providers – from hospitals, to doctors' offices, to imaging centers. When you get a bill, our team will work collaboratively with the provider to ensure our clients only pay an appropriate amount for the services their employees/members receive.

Relationship Building

Like your friend who works at the dealership getting you a new lease deal, or a co-worker who can score you those box seat tickets, it's all about who you know. Except in our case, it's knowing thousands of hospitals, doctors and insurance providers.

Analytic Reporting

In addition to regular annual savings that beat standard market performance, we provide fully transparent results that show you every dollar we brought back to you and what opportunities are on the horizon by connecting our advocacy with our internal claims data.